Agile discussed by Jerry Weinberg

In an interview with PMBoulevard Gerald M. Weinberg states his opinion on agile Methods.

From that interview:

Q4: What is the future of Agile?
First we will drop the capital A. Then we will drop the term “agile” altogether. Agile methods will be successful if and when we stop seeing them as anything other than normal, sensible, professional methods of developing software.

That even someone as renowned in the field of “conventional” software development as Jerry Weinberg points to the common sense embodied in these methods makes me hope that someday the waterfall-style methods might vanish alltogether.
(via Jerry – of course)

One thought on “Agile discussed by Jerry Weinberg

  1. This will be still a hope as long as we need more dice for better estimates, which the customer expects from us – without saying what he exactly wants and without doing anything to help us to clarify this.


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