Digital Taskboards I’m aware of as of 2011-03-11

At the Agile London usergroup meetup last night the topic of digital taskboards came up and I promised one of the participants to send a link to /one/ of them… since I couldn’t remember which one I was referring to (it was kanbanery, I found my note eventually) I went through the list in my head and realised that the list isn’t so short any more…

  • Qanban…a very promising (and free as in speech) project from @xlson which unfortunately doesn’t undergo much development right now. But… it’s open source, the source is on github – you know what to do!
  • Kanbanery…got a lot of mentions lately on twitter, but I only did a testdrive
  • Pivotal tracker…A friend of mine uses that a lot (Cheers @jcfischer) and is quite pleased with it
  • See Now Do… haven’t tried it, but I know the product owner and from that I infer that it ought to be good
  • Atlassian / Jira / Greenhopper
  • … that was the one we where searching alternatives for…

@Lynne: Sorry – to many to tweet directly

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